Hello readers! My name is Asha Kochukalikkal and I am the Lead Designer and Founder of Complete Home Design.As a new feature to CHD, my associates and I are starting this blog regarding our design experiences, tips and strategies called CHD’s Design Fridays

To kick-start it, we wish to share our design philosophy and style. Our mantra is strongly is;

“The key elements that determine the success of a structure are those that create a sense of harmony, style and unity.”

Our style is undefined. We create our designs and subsequently a style based solely on the personality of our client; whether it is planning a home for a family of four or creating a warm welcoming environment for our Developer clients who are targeting the young family buyer.

Though our designs evolve into a mold best suited to our client’s individuality, there are certain fundamental principles that are consistent such as, the importance of functionality vs. emphasizing simply on aesthetics.

For us, the most important design element of a space is that it serves its intended purpose with maximum efficiency.

Design = Function + Style

The seamless infusion of these two basic essentials establishes good design. Hence, we take great time and pride in understanding who and where our clients are from; discovering their set style or encompassing elements of their culture and heritage thru out the space.

One of my personal passions is travel and learning from cultural experiences of design in all forms from architecture, living and tradition. Understanding various approaches revitalizes my own and helps me delve into innovative streams.

Two weeks back I returned from Dubai, one of the leading faces in inventive architecture and design. Dubai is known for breaking the most records in architecture. Developments are premeditated with this as their sole purpose.

As you exit the now “ busiest airport in the world”, it’s much like entering onto the set of a futuristic movie with larger than life cranes what seems to be dangling in the stratosphere. Further than your neck can stretch high rises are covered in polished, modern finishes and architectural angles that in Vancouver one only conceptualizes.

However, in all the glamour and the extravaganza that Dubai so unfathomably renders I found there to be something amiss from what I am accustom to in Vancouver.

I lived in a thirty five story apartment complex in the heart of downtown Dubai, opposite to the tallest building in the world (Burj Al Khalifa). The complex spanned one kilometer and fifteen buildings.  The first two floors was a mall catered to the residents with two large grocery stores. The floors and walls were paved in exquisite marble and the view… Well, it was spectacular!  The enamoring sight panned over dancing fountains, the largest mall in the world and a skyline that dwarfs most major cities.

I was mostly always in a state of awe. However, some of the basic and daily comforts I was familiar to, were lacking.  For example, in the kitchen the top cabinets were too shallow to store a 9” standard dinner plate. For every meal one would forward fold before they started their meal… Great for yoga enthusiasts, not so practical for everyone! The 6’ wide floor to ceilings hardwood wardrobes had less than 5% of hanging space.  The bathroom vanities were so deep that for a person my height (5’2’’) more yoga was a necessity to wash my face.  All of it looked great, but lacked in practicality.

Designs were built for the “shock and awe” response, which Dubai exceeds expectations on. Nonetheless for a comfortable and efficient living space, I feel a bit spoiled here in Vancouver.

Feeling BC proud. Thanks for reading,

Asha out