Dearest Goddess,

Of such great finesse.

Your skillful illumination

Of even the darkest desecration

Exhales a sigh for transformation!

Oh Light, Oh Light Goddess,

We design you like a game of chess.

Precision planning being our master success.

We bestow our homage,

In aid of your knowledge,

An ode to the light Goddess!


Asha Kochukalikkal

  Lighting is key to design… it sets the mood and the ambiance of your space and more importantly it creates the ability to efficiently use the space as intended. If you have ever been stumped for how to better illuminate your space, here is a tip. Direction, hue and variation are central to good lighting design. After, establishing the functions of a space (ex: entertaining, lounging, dining) link the appropriate fixture and placement with its envisioned purpose. Black and Blue Glowbal Restaurant’s lighting design integrates the arts, sciences and business of illumination and has implemented it to a perfect fusion of function and style. Oh Light Goddess, we give our praise for your ability to amaze! #Blackandblueglowbal Oh Goddess, please continue your humble deliverances. And to the readers out there if you’d like her blessing to produce a great sight…good lighting plan will set you out right!  

Asha Kochukalikkal

Founder and Lead Designer